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CLEVELAND, OHIO USA - September 3, 2023: An FA-18 Super Hornet performs a demo at the 2023 Cleveland International Airshow.

Love Stories:
Missouri + Boeing

Boeing has had a happy working marriage with Missouri for more than 80 years. What’s the traditional 80-year wedding anniversary gift, you might ask? Apparently it’s oak, but Boeing and Missouri are thinking of celebrating with something…a little more high tech.

A long-time resident of Missouri — with the success and growth to prove it — Boeing is planning a $1.8 billion (yes, with a “b”) aerospace-focused expansion to further their lead as the state’s largest manufacturer. This expansion will take place in St. Louis County, building over a million square feet of new construction to support new and ongoing aerospace programs. 

It’s a perfect fit with a state so rooted in aerospace and military aviation, as Missouri will easily be able to staff more than 500 new jobs Boeing estimates this expansion will bring. A very happy anniversary indeed. 


  • Trusted bond built over several decades
  • A talented workforce experienced in advanced manufacturing
  • Close proximity to partners in aerospace, engineering and manufacturing industries

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