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Meta groundbreaking with branded shovels

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Missouri + Meta

When Meta, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, was looking to settle down with their $800 million hyperscale data center, they knew they were going to need the right partner with whom they could build a long-term relationship. And they found there could be no better partner than Kansas City, Missouri. 

Meta fell head over heels for KC’s infrastructure and fiber internet capabilities, as well as the region’s strong talent pool for both construction and operations. Kansas City’s geography proved to be another important factor, providing Meta the space to build a nearly 1 million sq. ft. data center, the technology to help them support it with 100% renewable energy and the central location that provides the perfect networking environment to connect between other coastal data centers. 

Meta is just the latest in a long line of tech companies learning about the incredible benefits Missouri can provide, offering them all a place they can truly call home. 


  • Central location allows for a strong network between other coastal facilities
  • Large tech talent pool provides top workforce with no compromises
  • Access to renewable resources provides affordable and more sustainable energy

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