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Swift ribbon cutting

Love Stories:
Missouri + Swift

“When you love someone, you build two facilities with them.” That might not be exactly how that old saying goes, but it doesn’t make it any less true for the state of Missouri and Swift Prepared Foods. Swift has opened two new locations in the Show-Me State in three years, showing a clear commitment — and a clear fondness — for everything Missouri has to offer.

 With a $68 million facility in Moberly, and a $200 million facility in Columbia, Swift is double dipping on Missouri’s benefits, including the state’s easy access to raw materials and its strategic location near synergistic industry companies and assets for Swift to utilize, as well as the pro-business environment inherent throughout the state. 

It’s great to see this happy marriage continue as Swift makes further investments into Missouri, and reaps all the rewards that come with it. 


  • Close proximity to partner companies and strategic assets
  • Access to plentiful raw materials
  • Low corporate tax rate drives stronger overall profits

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